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On grinding in games

April 16th 2014
tags: games, online games, mmo, jrpg, rpgs, grinding, theory

So I happen to be a huge fan of Japanese Action-MMORPGs. Yeesh, what a niche. But there are a few franchises that I think exemplify the genre, perhaps most notably Phantasy Star Online and Monster Hunter. Both are focused around collecting a large amount of items and upgrades, customizing your character with different weapons and armor, and killing things in a tactical action-oriented combat system. I’m writing this post because I recently began my foray into the Monster Hunter series with Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. I sincerely think SEGA needs to bring PSO to the Wii U, but I doubt that will happen… so instead I have MH3U to scratch my itch…

LTD Week 2014 15

April 14th 2014
tags: ltd, leo, productivity, reports

The week that was:

  • Work
    • Worked on several FTP jobs
    • Created a few user accounts
    • Helped with a server upgrade
  • Responsibility
    • Worked on the Tabata thing — back on the boat

Anonymous microblogging strikes again

April 2nd 2014
tags: ceekrt, anonymous, microblogging, twitter, notsecret

So, it appears an app with remarkably similar functionality to my thrice-ill-fated ceekrt has popped up. And they have done it better in every way — notably, they have snapchat-ified it, meaning that the secrets only show up for a few seconds with no permant (user-facing) records of tweets. Good show! This will pretty much eliminate the need for reporting, and prevent any serious abuse of the system. Now, if only I had thought of that..…

On Legacy Lock-in

March 10th 2014
tags: networking, rfc, email, legacy, lock-in, sctp, protocols, folly

The internet is grand achievement in human history — I refuse to budge on this point. It has enabled the entire world to connect, share information, circumvent censorship, and spread creativity and research in a completely unprecidented manner. And for the most part, it works great… just try not to fall down the rabbit hole and think too hard about what problems the future holds..…