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June 12, 2015
tags: updates, game design, news

So, I'm just absolutely terrible at maintaining this thing, aren't I?

Anyway, I've been fairly busy as of late. Working on a few things -- including a paid game-design gig! I'm updating Avalon Games' Arcanum, a board game of sandbox fantasy adventure. It's Magic Realm-like, but much less reliant on the vagaries of ...

Blog now hosted on github

April 22, 2015
tags: blog, github, ptah

Phew! A bunch of work has led me to this point... but, the blog is now running on github pages instead of Heroku. Additionally, it's now Ptah-based. :)

Hopefully there aren't any differences between old and new (aside from a few cleanups), but who knows? This migration has taken me close to 10 months of work, off and on... mostly off. ...

LTD Week 2014 23

June 10, 2014
tags: ltd, productivity, reports

And here's this week's...

  • Work
    • Database upgrade
    • Disk request
    • Several DNS entries
    • Diagnose a weird grep issue on a server
    • Diagnose sparse files on a server
    • Investigate a 99% CPU use spike on our production servers
    • Investigate failed backups
    • Investigate a flaky ...

LTD Week 2014 22

June 10, 2014
tags: ltd, productivity, reports

I did it again -- two weeks reports back to back. Ugh. Here's week 22.

  • Work
    • User accounts
    • Prepping for a database upgrade
  • Responsibility
    • Updating various addresses
    • Bills
  • Leisure
    • A bit of coding
    • A bit of reading (Good Math and Far Away ...

LTD Week 2014 21

May 27, 2014
tags: ltd, productivity, reports

Here's this past week's report...

  • Work
    • Completed work to get a database server upgraded to a new version of Oracle
    • Wrote an email script
    • Fixed a broken ftp script
    • Made some user accounts
  • Responsibility
    • Housework - lots of it
  • Leisure
    • Fixed ...

LTD Week 2014 20

May 27, 2014
tags: ltd, productivity, reports

Sorry, this is last week's report... I got caught up in a few things.

Anyways, here's the kind of reporting living a semi-quantified life lets you do nearly 2 weeks after the fact:

  • Work
    • Fixed a few FTP jobs
    • Mirrored a root zpool for one of our servers
    • Moved several servers on to bigger ...

LTD Week 2014 19

May 13, 2014
tags: ltd, productivity, reports


  • Work
    • Fixed some resource group dependency issues on our library web cluster
    • Investigated some strange java performance issues
    • Restored a website that a customer stomped on
    • Finished several FTP jobs
    • Prepared for an Oracle upgrade
  • Responsibility
    • Tabata, ...

Google failed me, use Python!

May 6, 2014
tags: python, stupid tricks, sysadmin, Solaris 10

So, yesterday I needed to know whether or not Solaris 10 enforces the maximum open file handles limit for processes running as root (I know, root-level processes are bad form... but it's legacy, so there's my excuse). Google told how to set it, how to check it, and what it defaults to, but didn't give me the all-important info of whether or ...

LTD Week 2014 18

May 5, 2014
tags: ltd, productivity, reports

Fun week:

  • Work
    • Installed a perl module on several servers
    • Worked on several FTP jobs
    • Came up with a clone plan for a database server
  • Responsibility
    • Getting better at the Tabata thing
    • Paid rent, credit cards, etc.
  • Leisure
    • Updated orison's ...

LTD Week 2014 17

April 29, 2014
tags: ltd, productivity, reports

I'm slipping with my reporting. I'll need to fix that...

  • Work
    • Worked on several FTP jobs
    • User accounts created
    • Played with some LUN cloning procedures
    • Patched a server against heartbleed
    • Installed monitoring scripts on a server
  • Responsibility
    • Poked and ...