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LTD Week 2014 23

June 10th 2014
tags: ltd, productivity, reports

And here’s this week’s…

  • Work
    • Database upgrade
    • Disk request
    • Several DNS entries
    • Diagnose a weird grep issue on a server
    • Diagnose sparse files on a server

LTD Week 2014 20

May 27th 2014
tags: ltd, productivity, reports

Sorry, this is last week’s report… I got caught up in a few things.

Anyways, here’s the kind of reporting living a semi-quantified life lets you do nearly 2 weeks after the fact:

Google failed me, use Python!

May 6th 2014
tags: python, stupid tricks, sysadmin, Solaris 10

So, yesterday I needed to know whether or not Solaris 10 enforces the maximum open file handles limit for processes running as root (I know, root-level processes are bad form… but it’s legacy, so there’s my excuse). Google told how to set it, how to check it, and what it defaults to, but didn’t give me the all-important info of whether or not root is limited by it. So I decided to hack together a quick script to test it empirically on the server in question…

LTD Week 2014 16

April 22nd 2014
tags: ltd, productivity, reports

I was kind of sloppy with reporting this week, so here’s what we’ve got:

  • Work
    • Tried to rollback a blackboard service pack — no dice
    • Worked on a few FTP jobs