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June 12, 2015
tags:  updatesgame designnews

So, I'm just absolutely terrible at maintaining this thing, aren't I?

Anyway, I've been fairly busy as of late. Working on a few things -- including a paid game-design gig! I'm updating Avalon Games' Arcanum, a board game of sandbox fantasy adventure. It's Magic Realm-like, but much less reliant on the vagaries of fate, and far less rules heavy. I like it quite a bit, even though it's filled with holes. My job is to patch it up a bit for a new revised edition. I've already rewritten the rules, and I'll be touching up the components and polishing a few mechanics.

Other than that, I'm bogged down with work-related projects, so not much fun stuff to report.

I'll try to keep a better job of updating this thing...

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