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LTD Week Eight

November 18, 2013
tags:  ltdproductivityreports

Another decently busy week:

  • Work
    • Created some unix users
    • Worked with some vendors on some file transfer jobs
    • Worked on getting a PHP module installed for our website
    • Worked a bit on our new t5-2 hardward w/r/t disk multipathing
  • Responsibility
    • Did my Tabata every day (yeah! back on track!)
    • Got my driver-side mirror fixed (it had a crack -- ice damage)
  • Leisure
    • Read MicroFudge
    • Read ERP ('Elegant Role Playing')
    • Fixed a 'huge font' issue in Leo
    • Patched Leo to make @rclick nodes create commands like @command and @button nodes
    • Refactored my @nodewatch definitions for LTD into a single script (keep it DRY)
    • Scripted an @rclick to create weekly reports for LTD progress
    • Worked on Kahl a bit
    • Read Crawl! #3
    • Removed ceekrt from my site... it's about time
    • Updated orison's software

Later on today, I intend to do an updated version of my original LTD article, explaining how it works now, and sharing my scripts at the moment.

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