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LTD Week 2014 05

February 3, 2014
tags:  ltdproductivityreports

Kind of a slow week, it seems. Here's what I did:

  • Work
    • Installed a new DR server at our DR site
    • Put in a bunch of work on FTP jobs
    • Input some DNS entries
    • Debugged some Javascript issues (lolwut? People trust me with js now? Uh-oh...)
    • Patched two of our blackboard servers with a critical patch
  • Responsibility
    • Kept up the Tabata routine
  • Leisure
    • Worked on some backend improvements to the blog (more on that in a while)
    • Started on an SFTP edit plugin for Leo
    • Finished up Charles Petzold's 'Code' -- review coming soon
    • Started reading + doing the projects in 'The Elements of Computing Systems'
    • Updated orison's software
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