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LTD Week Two

October 7, 2013
tags:  ltdproductivityreports

So, here we are with week two of LTD. The system is holding up nicely. Here's what I did this week:

  • Work: finished up a small job dealing with a file transfer issue
  • Work: worked on another small file transfer job
  • Work: finished a major apache migration project
  • Work: pushed some configuration changes to an application
  • Work: did some research on bare-metal restores for our various server types
  • Leisure: finished reading "The Song"
  • Leisure: started writing a long-form poem... more on that later, perhaps
  • Leisure: wrote the rss.py plugin for Leo
  • Leisure: worked on Mint Fudge
  • Responsibility: minor errands
  • Responsibility: started a daily Tabata routine

Not bad. I'm still working the kinks out of the system, but it's keeping me productive and on track for the most part.

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