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LTD Week Ten

December 2, 2013
tags:  ltdproductivityreports

Less than average productivity this week, but that's to be expected with the US Holidays. Here's a recap:

  • Work
    • Performed OS upgrades and patches on some blackboard servers
    • Installed a PHP module on our webserver
    • Did a few DNS entries
    • Installed an emergency patch on blackboard right before Thanksgiving...
  • Responsibility
    • Looked at a new apartment (!)
    • Maintained my Tabata routine half-heartedly (meh... I'm getting bad about this.)
  • Leisure
    • Read The Manor #5
    • Read Crawl! #6
    • Read Crawl! #7
    • Fixed a few small Leo bugs (one related to quicksearch.py's theming, and one related to nodewatch.py's focusing behavior)
    • Updated orison's software
    • Played a crapton of Smite
    • Spent too much money online

Whoo! Back to the grind.

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