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LTD Week Seven

November 12, 2013
tags:  ltdproductivityreports

Busy week. Here's a recap:

  • Work
    • Made sure the DST time change didn't affect any machines/backup jobs
    • Created some DNS entries
    • Did some benchmarking on our new T5-2 hardware
    • Dealt with some disk issues
    • Fixed a few FTP jobs
    • Got our T5-2 on the SAN
    • Stayed up until 12:13 am patching blackboard... (grumble grumble)
    • Integrated our T5-2 into our backup and monitoring systems
    • Tweaked thresholds on a few monitoring jobs
  • Responsibility
    • Dropped the ball big-time on my Tabata routine... I will fix this!
    • Set up a new laptop for my girlfriend, after her old one gave up the ghost
  • Leisure
    • Fixed a few bugs in nodewatch.py
    • Documented nodewatch.py
    • Fixed a small bug in stickynotes.py
    • Worked a bit on Mur worldbuilding
    • Wrote a Kahl adventure
    • Fixed a typo on my website
    • Read AFS Magazine #3
    • Read Crawl! Magazine #1
    • Read Crawl! Magazine #2
    • Designed 'Colonia', an abstract strategy game that I need to playtest
    • Made a set of randomizers for VPG's For The Crown
    • Updated orison's software
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