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LTD Week Four

October 21, 2013
tags:  ltdproductivityreports

Here's what I accomplished in my fourth week of using LTD:

  • Work: several disk issues resolved
  • Work: updated packages on our only Linux server
  • Work: some DNS work
  • Work: finished off an old issue involving cramped backup space
  • Work: implemented a new backup script for one of our databases
  • Work: a few manual FTP jobs
  • Work: created a new user account on one of our servers
  • Work: worked on some blackboard issues
  • Work: attempted to reorganize the innards of a server due to overheating -- failed due to short STAT cables
  • Work: filed request for networking stuff for new blackboard server install
  • Responsibility: continued Tabata routine
  • Leisure: wrote blog article on decktet game idea revised
  • Leisure: added some games to Steam
  • Leisure: updated orison's software
  • Leisure: performed the great gist purge of 2013 -- merged related gists and deleted old ones -- went from 120 to 23 or so
  • Leisure: purchased For The Crown and expansions with VPG's 15% discount...
  • Leisure: installed Market Helper on my tablet
  • Leisure: Read issues 1-3 of The Manor by Tim Shorts (GM Games)
  • Leisure: Read "The Devil in Iron" by R.E. Howard

That's a lot. Man, I was busy this week.

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