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LTD Week Twelve

December 16, 2013
tags:  ltdproductivityreports

Not sure what kind of week it was... here's an overview though:

  • Work
    • Worked on a few FTP jobs
    • Made some accounts for one of our servers
    • Continued preparation for server migrations
    • Rescheduled a job across all of our servers -- it was waking us up with errors
  • Responsibility
    • Did a prune of my workbook.leo file
    • Got holiday shopping done!
    • Continued my Tabata routine
  • Leisure
    • Played a lot of Race the Sun
    • Rewrote Mint Fudge aging rules, and played around with mechanics a bit
    • Fixed '@string view-rendered-default-kind' ignored in Leo
    • Fixed c.putHelpFor not defaulting to RST in Leo
    • Read a bit on Northern European (Norse and Germanic) myths
    • Read Wizards Mutants Laser Pistols #2
    • Switched from Chrome dev channel to stable (I was getting sick of bugs)
    • Updated orison's software
    • Wrote a mark+sweep garbage collector in python, for self-edification
    • Wrote a lot of Kahl campaign stuff...
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