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LTD Week 2014 10

March 10, 2014
tags:  ltdproductivityreports

Reeeeeeaaaaly busy week:

  • Work
    • Investigated a dropped-email issue
    • Minor DNS entries
    • Worked on a few FTP jobs
    • Created a user account
    • Installed network monitor on our backup infrastructure
    • Installed performance monitors on our backup infrastructure
    • Reclaimed some vacated subdisks on a LUN after filesystems were mvoed
    • Provided support during an unexpected downtime
  • Responsibility
    • Filed my taxes
    • Got various apartment-related tasks done
    • Maintained my Tabata routine
    • Washed my car
  • Leisure
    • Worked on a Leo project related to markup languages
    • Worked on silica - command-line options and scripting now work
    • Updated orison's software
    • Started reading Ozma of Oz again...


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