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LTD Week 2014 01

January 6, 2014
tags:  ltdproductivityreports

Interesting week... here's some highlights:

  • Work
    • Finished up post-blackboard-migration cleanup
    • Installed a custom page to make maintainence downtimes less user-hostile on blackboard
    • Fixed some yearly accounting errors related to holdiays... silly unix
    • Encountered a mysterious bug on an email script that only runs once a month
    • Made a user account on one of our machines
  • Responsibility
    • Refactored my LTD stuff into an external script (things were getting ugly)
  • Leisure
    • Added @color support to @buttons in Leo
    • Ran through a test run of migrating Leo from bzr to github
    • Worked a bit on silica
    • Updated the Leo color map
    • Updated orison's software
    • Failed to get a Red Eclipse server installed on orison... I'll try again soon.
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