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LTD Week Five

October 28, 2013
tags:  ltdproductivityreports

This week was productive, I think. Here's what I accomplished:

  • Work: committed a few DNS changes
  • Work: solved a mailing list administration issue
  • Work: removed some old LUNs from a server
  • Work: created a few user accounts
  • Work: general disk resizing stuff
  • Work: monitoring system fixes
  • Responsibility: maintained my tabata routine
  • Responsibility: reconciled my checkbook
  • Responsibility: did months of backlogged paper filing
  • Leisure: updated orison's software
  • Leisure: wrote a wikipedia plugin for applesaucebot
  • Leisure: tweaked my LTD scripting in Leo
  • Leisure: added c.createNodeHierarchy and p.createNodeHierarchy to the Leo API
  • Leisure: wrote a quick 3d8 die-pool tree-skill RPG system
  • Leisure: Leoified the source files to my website
  • Leisure: reorganized a few bits on my website
  • Leisure: did some worldbuilding in Mur
  • Leisure: read AFS Magazine Issue #1

On top of that, I attended a wedding, and also celebrated 4 years with my girlfriend. Phew!

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