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LTD Week 2014 12

March 25, 2014
tags:  ltdproductivityreports

I moved this weekend (!), so this week wasn't terribly productive.

  • Work
    • Worked on various FTP scripts
    • Integrated a new server into our old monitoring software
    • Tried to fix a web app that a user had broken
  • Responsibility
    • Umm... moved into a new apartment
  • Leisure
    • Fixed a few vr2-related bugs in Leo's core
    • Researched Liquid Democracy
    • Worked a bunch on silica - parameterized macros, syntactic sugar for grouping, repetition factors and glomming, etc...
    • Updated orison's software

Yeah, short list... but a lot of packing/unpacking/shopping. Oh, and cooking. Can't forget cooking :)

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