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LTD Week 2014 03

January 20, 2014
tags:  ltdproductivityreports

It's been a week, it has. Here's a roundup...

  • Work
    • Fixed a dead HBA in a server, and subsequently bashed my head against the wall getting LUN paths back
    • Installed a blackboard update on a test server
    • Worked on some FTP jobs
  • Responsibility
    • Followed up on apartment gunk
    • Kicked ass on the Tabata routine
  • Leisure
    • Leo nodewatch.py - fix security hole related to auto-executing scripts
    • Leo nodewatch.py - add 'total' label to bottom of pane
    • Added nodediff.py plugin to Leo
    • Finished reading Through The Looking Glass
    • Read a few RPG rulesets
    • Wrote up some solo rules for Tiny Epic Kingdoms
    • Silica: error classes + error framework
    • Silica: machinery for args in macros
    • Silica: SilicaEvent framework
    • Updated orison's software
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