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LTD Week Six

November 4, 2013
tags:  ltdproductivityreports

Good week. Here's a recap:

  • Work
    • Helped with an Oracle issue
    • Created a few directories for people
    • Installed a new server in the rack
    • Moved a server to our DR location
    • Got the new server cabled and running
    • Patched the new server
    • Had my annual health assessment and flu shot
    • Re-registered my parking... (grr)
  • Responsibility
    • Continued tabata routine
    • The usual backups and such
  • Leisure
    • Refactored my LTD scripts (multiple times)
    • Created the nodewatch.py plugin for Leo (obsoleting the above scripts...)
    • Prepped "For The Crown" for playing
    • Played "For The Crown"
    • Worked on Mint Fudge a teeny tiny bit
    • Wrote a neat quick GM-less RPG system
    • Read AFS Magazine #2
    • Updated orison
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