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LTD Week Thirteen

December 24, 2013
tags:  ltdproductivityreports

Busy busy pre-holiday week:

  • Work
    • Added a database into our backup policy
    • Replaced a dead power supply on a server
    • Performed the final blackboard migration (in record time!)
  • Responsibility
    • Flundered big time on my Tabata routine. Grr.
    • Reconciled my checkbook (a mammoth undertaking!)
    • Did some housekeeping on my LTD workbook
  • Leisure
    • Started work on silica! Yes!
    • Read WMLP #3 and #4
    • Rewrote a good chunk of the Mint Fudge rules
    • Updated orison's software


Oh, and yesterday was my birthday :)

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