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LTD Week Three

October 15, 2013
tags:  ltdproductivityreports

Here's what I accomplished this past week:

  • Work: added a new disk to a server for backup space
  • Work: fixed a failed FTP job
  • Work: general maintainence
  • Responsibility: maintained my Tabata routine (man, that works well!)
  • Responsibility: bookkeeping
  • Responsibility: dug through some paperwork on the Affordable Care Act
  • Leisure: Prototyped a new type of Fudge die
  • Leisure: Updated my raspberry pi's software
  • Leisure: Scripted a "mark-task-done" button in Leo for LTD (difficult!)
  • Leisure: Did some minor updates to the rss.py Leo plugin
  • Leisure: Worked on a fantasy RPG campaign

A decent week, but room for improvement.

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