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Retirement or stasis?

January 10, 2021
tags:  blogmetalifeupdate

Hi all,

Long time no type. This blog has been dead for quite a while now, and I imagine it will stay that way for the foreseeable future. I've moved on from a lot of the things I used to discuss here -- or rather, I've moved on from wanting to write about them, in large part. I'm not saying I'll never want to write here again, however. So, I'll leave the page up. I might pop back in sometime. (The RSS feed will be dead for the time being, however.)

I do intend to start another blog over on my game development page about excursions into various game design bits and bobs, and reports on games I may be playing (solo or otherwise). That will show up eventually over there. Or it won't. Who knows? :)

I've been coding things off and on behind the scenes, all along. Nothing to write here about, just silly little tools for personal use. But I'm still tinkering with both hardware and software.

I think it's just time to move on for a little bit. Thanks for all the memories! a->ab, you will be missed.

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