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It's been so long...

September 20, 2013
tags:  sorryupdatesplans

So... here we are, 5 months without an update. Man, I'm really bad at this whole blogging thing.

To the few readers I have, I'm sorry. I have not fallen off the face of the Earth (at least not yet!), I've just been busy.

Since it's been so long, I'd like to share a partial list of what I've been doing with myself these past five months... I say partial because I haven't documented much of anything, so I can't be sure that I'm gathering it all. Oh well, here we go:

  • I've become a contributing member of the Leo Editor team
    • Added markdown support to the viewrendered.py plugin
    • Added printing support with the printing.py plugin
    • Set up the automated API docs at ReadTheDocs
    • Set up the automated nightly github mirror of the source code
    • Contributed to the Leo Blog (earlier today, actually!)
  • I've become pretty enamoured with the game Smite
    • Thor, Xbalanque, and Nieth are ownage, by the way
  • I've picked up some game design projects
    • The main one is Mint Fudge, my hack of Fudge
    • Wrote the entire first version of the Mint Fudge book, threw it away
    • Rebuilt the whole system from scratch - whoo!
    • Writing the new book now
    • Working on getting a small print-on-demand publishing imprint going
    • Purchased a few related domains...
  • I've recently started playing with libtcod
    • I think I'm going to resurrect my two dead roguelike projects, this time in python+libtcod
  • Wrote and released Underwood Writer
  • Started writing creatively... knocked out a few short stories and working on some characters
  • Figured out how to bake kickass scones
  • A bunch of other fun stuff I can't remember at the moment, I'm sure...

Well, the fact that I can't remember this stuff bothers me. Combined with a general lack of motivation lately (you'd never be able to tell from the outside, apparently), I've decided to work out a new productivity system for myself. I'll be posting that in another article soon.

Additionally, I have a few other plans, both short-term and long-term:

  • Roguelikes!
  • RPGs!
  • Leo work!

...yeah. I need to get busy.

Thanks for reading this ramble. I'll keep this place more up to date, I swear!

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