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Blog and Website redesign

December 26, 2012
tags:  blogwebsitehtmlcssstatic site generatorredesign

Hello everyone.

As you may have noticed, this blog has gone through a redesign. It's just visual, but I think it looks nicer.

The reason I did that is to bring the blog more in line with my in-progress redesign and restructure of my main website. I'm rebuilding the site from scratch in order to make it more modern, clean, professional, and appealing.

To assist me in that goal, I've hacked together quite an easy and fun tool for static site generation using Python, which I'm calling ptah. It's available on my github account: ptah.

So far, the site looks and acts nice, and has some fun features like a dynamically generated QR code for each individual page, breadcrumb navigation links, and responsive web design. Overall, the whole thing is much more standards compliant, so it should render consistently across more browers than before. Also, it's completely minimiized, so pageloads should be much faster. And, there will be no databases behind it anymore! It's all static HTML that I can update by editing a markdown file!

I may eventually migrate this blog over to ptah instead of toto, but for the time being, I think toto is working nicely for my needs.

Thanks for reading!

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