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Stupid Tricks: bash

November 12, 2012
tags:  bashstupid trickshackscode-dump

This article showcases a few stupid bash tricks that I've gathered in my recent employment as a unix sysadmin. Some of these aren't all that useful, but they are neat.

First up, a fun toy:

Running this, you'll see a counter that rises from 1 to 100, overwriting itself as it goes. You could use this with some trickery to give a visual indicator of how far done a process is, for example.

Next up, returning a value from a function:

You can scale this to return as many values as you want from a function.
I use this one all the time.

Concatenate strings:

It really is as simple as mushing them together like that.

That's all for now. Thanks, for reading!

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