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Introducing jedi

January 10, 2012
tags:  code-dump

Hello everyone,

It's been a while again. But I've been up to interesting things!

The book has been placed on hold for the time being, as I have been working on a few other things. I've started a project called io-koans, which is designed to be an interactive way to learn the Io programming language, through fill-in-the-blank puzzles, in the style of 4clojure. I've also worked my way through the entire Seven Languages in Seven Weeks (in significantly fewer than seven weeks...), and I feel I've grown tremendously as a programmer from it. It inspired me, in fact. So much that I've begun probably my most ambitious project to date: the jedi programming language. I'll let the github page speak for itself, but I'm having a lot of fun with it.

That's... that, I suppose. Yeah.

Thanks for reading!

Keep tweaking~

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