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Minor blahgger update and other musings.

August 31, 2010

My blogging platform blahgger now requires users to complete a reCAPTCHA challenge to successfully post a comment. This was added in response to spam comments I received today. I had intended to place a reCAPTCHA challenge into the comment system initially, but I figured it could wait a bit. But I'd rather not have any more spam. It feels like an invasion of my time (as I have to moderate comments manually) as well as my reading space. So, no more spam, hopefully. Sorry if this causes any inconvenience. In other news, class has started up again, so I am working slower and slower on my personal projects. I am however going to continue to tinker and code whenever I can, so please stay tuned.

I also intend to have a small, simple homepage up for MSPhere by the end of the night, but don't be surprised if I don't. It'll be here.

I have some TLV5620's coming from TI, and I intend to work on an audio synthesis shield for the MSP430 LaunchPad (and possibly the Arduino) focusing around this chip. This might take a while, but I will have a small library released for this chip for MSP430 uC's at the very least by the end of September.

That's enough of my ramblings for now. Keep tweaking.

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